Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wilson, NC

Auguest 05,  2012  1:00AM

I have never reported anything I've seen until now and it is hard to believe but I had to report this.  It has happened 2 times before and I never said anything.  There is a set of lights that stay in a standard spot but moves around a little each night I see it.  The smaller crafts move around a lot and move in several directions but always comes back to the standard one.

The smaller crafts move around low to the ground compared to normal plains and there is not any sound at all which is weird.  Also, they seem to stop from time to time and lower down some, then take back off up and in another direction.  The slow down and stop for several minutes before moving on again.  I have seen up to 8 in one night.  At first they look like stars but they move a little then they get closer and you start to see the lights.  They are very small crafts and have a white light on each side that is white and turns red.  Sometimes they flash.  The middle has a small white light and a red one.  Like I said there is not any sound and they move super fast some times but normally very slow and low to the ground but I put a light on it and it was gone in seconds.  It was almost effortless for it.  They go in one direction til it's out of site then comes back about 20 minutes later and meets the standard craft.  From there they go into another direction and returns.  They do a odd thing sometimes, they line up with a star and just set there until another comes up and they fly off again.

I have seen this two times before but they did not stay in the area this long.  It's been several hours and they keep returning to the standard craft.  I thought the large craft was a star for most of the night until I noticed it was moving around more.  The small crafts can set still for long amount's of time and when they lower down you can not hear any sound at all.

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