Friday, September 14, 2012

Warrington, PA

Auguest 04,  2012  9:05PM

I was walking down  my driveway to my vehicle when I noticed a reddish yellow pulsating "fireball" moving East to West across the night sky.  I was looking north from near the intersection of Rt. 132 and Rt. 611 in Warrington PA.  My first thought was it's an odd looking airplane or helicopter.  Though, after another look I spotted a second "fireball" moving with the first at the same steady speed just at a lower altitude.  About 10 second later a third "fireball" came into view trailing behind the first two.  All three "fireballs" were traveling perfectly level at the same rate of speed.  I would estimate their altitude at no greater than 500 feet and their distance from me at a 1/4 mile.  The second "fireball" seemed to fade after 15 seconds of viewing as the other two kept traveling out of my view due to obstructions.  There was absolutely no sound associated with these objects.  Because of their straight flight path, speed and formation I would have to rule out any type of RC toy, fireworks or balloons.

Growing up in an area minutes away from Willow Grove NAS and Johnsville NADC I'm used to seeing all types of air traffic around my house.  I've witnessed everything from a B-2 Stealth to a harrier Jump Jet around my local skies but nothing like this.

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