Friday, September 14, 2012

Wahington, PA

September 04,  2012  9:20PM

I was driving and was at a stop sign, and at 9:20pm at dusk looked to the north at a 45 degree angle and saw four red lights a little bigger then stars in a square pattern over a hill.  They were about two hundred feet away from each other and were at the elevation of small planes.

I watched for about 30 seconds as the lights stayed in the same place until each one slowly started disappearing.

I started driving up the hill and right before the last one disappeared I saw in the distance another one shot up from ground to the same height as the other ones and started heading north. While at the tip of the hill watching it a small propeller plane was flying west heading towards it.

Within about hundred feet of the red light the plane made a sharp 180 degree turn and started heading in the opposite direction to the east.  I then watched the red ball of light go out of sight into the distance.

Since I star gaze almost every night and never seeing anything like! this, they could have not of been flares due to the four staying in the same place and the other one was moving.

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