Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Twin Falls, ID

September  01,  2012  12:45AM

My cousin and I were standing in my backyard at approximately 12:45am.  In all aspects the sky appeared to be clear, no clouds.  We were standing there talking when all of a sudden she said"look what is that?" when I looked up and this is what I saw,  two perfectly red round lights vertically gliding directly towards us on a straight path east to west only about 30 feet high in the sky.  This is truly bizarre, they were silently passing overhead, absolutely no sound in a weird mist, cloud like fog. 

They traveled together side by side, then separated apart from one another, then criss crossed each other as they past directly over our heads.  So strange if anyone reading this has had a similar experience please, please post it.  Once again it was absolutely silent and passed over our heads in a strange misty fog cloud circular red glowing lights the size of a small car.

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