Monday, September 10, 2012

Staten Island, NY

July 24,  2012  10:30PM

It was at 2230hrs.  From where I was; right at the tool bridge coming into Station Island; I saw an object 30 degrees SSW.  It was glowing brighter and dimmer.  Eventually it glowed so bright it resembled the shape of a roundish triangular shape.  I saw it move downward to  my 25 degree angle.  I saw it spin and move west and it glowed brighter as it moved.  Then it just disappeared.  And then I got home and I saw it again and this time I was out of the car and I heard an echoing of wind and the next thing I saw, the light disappeared. 

I knew I could not have mistaken it for anything else.  It was extremely cloudy I could not even see the stars! Aircraft do not fly that low in the sky and their lights blink but this object did not have blinking lights.  There was not any visible sights of the moon due to the clouds.  And even if there was the moon, the moon is never that low in the sky.

 I am 110% positive that it was an UFO

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