Thursday, September 13, 2012

San Diego, CA

August 03,  2012  9:10PM

It was Friday night August 3rd at 9:10pm.  I along with four other friends in a car were driving along the 5 south exit and Pershing in San Diego California when we saw a bunch of cars pulled to the side of the road.

Seeing the cars pulled to the side we decided to pull off to the side as well and when we got out of the car we noticed about 40 -50 people standing around looking at the sky.  Looking up we could see approximately 20 that my friend next to me pointed out of what looked to be orb type objects in the sky.  This was in the area where the planes fly for Lindburgh field the airport, as we heard a big airplane fly thru.  They made a formation and looked to be hovering in groups as they were really close to each other, than a couple minutes later they were gone.

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