Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rochester, MN

August 05,  2012  11:00PM

I was out side in my backyard at around 11pm, with my friends.  It was a beautiful night.  You could see thousands of stars outside.  But as we starred at the sky we saw a red light that did not move for about 20 minutes, so we thought it was just a star.

We went on with our business.  20 minutes later when I look up in the sky that blinking light was moving right across the sky.  It was not a plain cause we did not here any jet sounds plus it was moving too fast to be a any plane, and moved so quickly and smooth to be a plane.  We were trying to not blink because we thought it would disappear.

It looked to us that it was a star instead of a light going about 3,000 miles.  But as we looked the lights starts to fade.  Like latterly fades as we are starring at it.  It took about 5 seconds to disappear.

I wanna tell everyone this after I saw that, I was no longer a E.T. critic.  I know what I saw, and I know that there is something up there and they have/are visiting. us.

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