Friday, September 14, 2012

Riebeek Kasteel, South Africa

August 04,  2012  8:30PM

Yesterday evening Saturday 4th of August at 8:30pm, I went outside for my traditionally evening stargazing and suddenly, I could not believe my eyes, I saw a large red oval object with a  bottom yellow sparkling bright stars flying at high speed through the sky.  It came from the west flying at high speed and coming a little down, like their knowing what they were doing.  Realising that they must have know that I was stargazing because they stopped and I had a feeling they were watching me.

The moment I saw the object, it was a large oval red object and at the bottom sparkling yellow lights (bigger then the stars).  Above the lights was an orange mist.  The object flew with high speed and I think it must have noticed me and it slowed down and turned around a little bit and it took a position and stood there still, watching.

Looking at an object in the sky, I called my daughter to come outside and that moment the object was looking for a place to stop.  It made a circle movement and it seems like they knew we were watching because it came to hold and stood still.  My daughter (6) mentioned that we are all children of God.

I started to get frightened and walked inside the house but I hesitated I went outside again and the object was gone, nowhere to be seen, an amazing experience but my heart is still beating like a drum!

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