Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Penn, ND

September 02,  2012  12:00AM

I have been around air bases my whole life because my parents are in the Air Force.  I live out in a very rural area where only about 5 other families live.

My sister and I went outside in the evening because we wanted to get some fresh air.  I was looking up and around at the stars and we were both observing the full moon and the Big Dipper constellation.  I saw something to the side of it that, at first, thought it was a planet and asked my sister to look.  I thought it was a little odd because I do not remember anything being there any previous nights.

Suddenly, it flashed into a bright white color then back to orange.  Other than that flash, it did not blink.

Immediately after that, it flew extremely fast horizontally (and was completely silent), then turned, made a sharp 90 degree angle and took off at an extreme speed into the west (while changing back to white as it sped off);   Heading in the direction of the city of Minot.

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