Monday, September 10, 2012

Ogden, UT

July 24,  2012  10:00PM

We were sitting somewhere on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail intending to watch the firework displays.  Soon we noticed a light that wasn't flying in any particular direction.  It was zigzagging back and forth, and changing colors red, blue, and white/yellow.  I noticed when airplanes were near, it would change it's light patterns to mimic an airplane.  Eventually it ejected three small white glittery lights that fell slowl to the ground.  A few minutes later and further in the distance another one did the same thing, but we did not pay much attention to it after that.  When the original one began flying away toward the south, we decided to walk back to our cars so we could keep watching it.  It eventually flew out of view bahind some mountains.  Almost to our cars, we turned around and saw a large bright light hovering in the air.  It was getting closer and closer until an airplane flew by. The bright light then switched into blinking airplane lights and began flying away in the same direction.  It even sounded like an airplane as it flew over us, but I would make out its faint dis-shaped body, and I am convinced it was not just a helicopter or an airplane.

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