Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Newark, DE

August 05,  2012  7:50PM

I am the same guy that reported the sighting on August the 2nd after leaving the Glasgow Park.  This time I was on the deck of my backyard during the brewing of the late afternoon thunderstorms that were quickly comeing Northern Delaware.

I was sitting on m deck watching the clouds swirl as thee appeared to be one frontal system coming from a Southeastern direction.  As I stand on my deck watching the clouds movie with grace and speed, I noticed in the distance at what appeared to be a great altitude, maybe that of what you would typically see inbound and outbound flights appear at, but just under he main cloud layer that was forming.

They were a silvery white colored and my initial thought in trying to recognize what these 2 objects were is that it may have been 2 seagulls flashing their white underbelly's as the sun shines a reflection from it to my direction.  However, what happened next lead me to believe these were not birds or traditionally inbound, outbound passenger airliner's they disappeared as if they were cloaking for 2 seconds and then they reappeared in the next breath to only disappear for good after a few more seconds ( another 2 to 3 ).  They were flying in the general direction that the storm system was heading, a Northeastern direction (they were flying in what appeared from my parallax as a straight pattern toward a northeast direction.

Maybe due to the sunlight's distortion or other exogenous factor's, the crafts appeared to be silver at first but then they appeared to be more of a pure white color.  I did not see any flashing lights, just merely the objects themselves.  And as for the shape of the craft they were a spherical or circular fit.  I did not see any visible wings, but that does not mean there weren't any because from my vantage point, I was quite far.

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