Friday, September 14, 2012

New Rochelle, NY

Auguest 04,  2012  9:35PM

I was just leaving my aunts house with my aunts house with my mom.  I usually look up at the sky because I love to see the stars.  Then I looked up to my left and saw 3 bright orange color lights in the sky not to very far, probably close to the High School.

My mom and I wee wondering what were they. They were not making any noise, and stayed in one spot for a while in a triangle formation. My mom thought they were Planes but I know planes do not stay in one spot in the sky.

Then each one started to fade like lights dimming down, after they disappeared they re-appeared farther away and in more numbers, to what I counted up to a least 8 of them.  They all shined bright orange and all together in the same area together, kind of in random positions and moved around slowly and smoothly.  They all started to disappear after 1 minute or 2 fading away and left only one.

Then it disappeared and appeared as 3 farther away, they formed a triangle again.  It just kept  repeating,  disappear and re-appear act but this time just with 3.  It was going in the direction of Northwest I believe.  The last that I saw them was just 2,  staying in the sky next to each other probably 50-70 feet away from each other, I am really unsure.  I really can not tell how high in the sky they were, probably a few hundreds of feet off the floor.  The sky was dark mostly clear but few clouds.  The moon was very beautiful, big and bright orange/yellow oval shaped, my little cousin described it as an egg.

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