Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Modesto, CA

September 02,  2012  12:00AM

My fiance and I went out to have a smoke around 12:20am, on August 2nd of 2012, and just as I walked outside I looked up into the sky.  I spotted this weird thing, and quickly pointed it out to my fiance because I thought my eyes were playing tricks.  But no, he saw it too.  It was this, almost orb of fire hovering across the sky.

My fiance almost thought it looked like someone had shot a flare up into the sky, but it just flew in a straight line, not trail behind it.  It was going about as fast as a plane does when you see them in the sky, but it was a lot closer than a plane.  Almost maybe as high up as a 80 story building.  I am just guesstimating here,  But it was moving at a decent speed, but slow enough to follow for a few minutes.

Both me and my fiance caught it on our camera phones.  My camera was not to good on the quality, but I am still going to try and upload it somewhere.  The orb was like  fire color, a little orange, some red, and little white at the edge.  The camera did not pick it up the way though.  We followed it for as long as possible, which about a few minutes, before the flame look went away and all we were able to see was a dark grey disk fade behind the tree's.  There was no sound to the strange thing, not like a plane would give  off, no crash sound later on from like a meteor, not tail on the thing trailing behind it, just a fiery orb floating across the sky.

I had posted the story on my Face book, onto my paranormal web sit, to see if anyone could help to identify it.  And then someone sent me a link to this site.  I noticed some other were having similar experiences as us.  All I know is when the craft disappeared, I had the strangest gut feeling that we were not meant to witness that.

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