Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mathews, LA

August 04,  2012  2:00AM

During my night shift for several nights since, I have seen orb-light objects hovering slowly, some dimming out, sometimes flaring as bright as streetlight's, glowing mostly white, sometimes orange. 

These lights that I have seen all seem to disappear when nearby planes or helicopters pass the area, and the lights flare back up, sort of like these lights are in hiding.  It is awesome to see.  A few times I have noticed these orbs flare brightly and change colors from whit to red, blue, yellow, sometimes they look like fire.

From my vantage point along Highway 308 in Mathew, South of Highway 90 and Gheens road, looking North, it seems that these UFOs that I have been seeing are coming from the woods/marsh area that lies towards the vast area of sugarcane fields North of Gheens road, but South of Highway 90.

This all happens at night, usually starting around 10pm, till 4:00am,  I can not wait to go back to work in two nights to see them again!!

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