Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Los Angeles, CA

September 02,  2012  4:45AM

I was out looking at Venus around 4:30am, smoking a cigarette and saw a thin streak bright white light fall at a downward trajectory and then vanish.  It lasted less than a second.

It definitely wasn't a meteor and did not have any orange trails.  There were no sparks.  It looked like if you took a section of a piece of shoelace and cut it so it was about 6 inches long, inflated it so it was rounded, but still flat and the shoestring slowed a bright white to almost bluish light saber glow.

The shoe string was huge though.  Miles long and was miles above the ground.  It flew directly over head and fell downward, then disappeared all at once.  Not like it fell past the horizon, or anything like that.

So if there's anyone else who saw it also, or anyone who might know what it was, please post here.

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