Friday, September 14, 2012

Lewis Center, OH

August 04,  2012  9:00PM

I was walking my dogs and it dusk in Lewis Center Ohio not too far South of the Alum Creek Dan.  I was with my husband who also saw the unusual craft.

We saw 3 red lighted craft that had a slow blink to them, which was unusual because most aircraft usually have a faster blink.  The 3 were heading North East and then a 4th joined them coming up form the South.  They were low in the sky ( a typical helicopter level that  you might expect on a news chopper or police chopper) but they made no sound.  At first I thought they were helicopter but as they got closer I expected to hear sound and it never came.  Then when they were above me they headed east and a 4th joined them.  When they turned east their lights faded and disappeared and I could not see them.  The crafts I could not see only the lights.  It was not totally dark outside, and I took video on my phone but I could not catch them on video.

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