Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hampton, TN

September 01,  2012  11:00PM

I was driving home talking to my wife on the phone and I saw a orange light in the sky that was small and dim I thought it was Mars or another planet.  I was only 2 miles from home when I saw it so I told my wife to go outside to look at it, but then it looked like it swelled instantly to 10 times the size it was and was a lot brighter, my wife witnessed this also.

I then pulled over to get a better look when I did I noticed a commercial jet flying close to the object, when the jet passed under it the object began to move with the jet but at much greater altitude (appox. 1000,000 feet), it had been stationary until then.  As they both passed over head I noticed that the object had a blue glow on the bottom of it and rest was glowing right orange.  It was almost as if it was wanting to make no radar signal.

After they passed by me the jet kept moving normal, but the UFO took off at an incredible speed faster than any stealth fighter I have ever seen,! then it was gone, as if it disappeared.

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