Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hampton, NH

August 04,  2012  10PM

While driving along the North Beach in Hampton, NH, I was bewildered to see 3 round red orange lights in the sky over the shoreline. 

Do I see 3 red lights in the sky? I asked my companion, and he said yes, you do.  We pulled into a parking space and watched for a minute as they moved Southwesterly across the sky, in a row.  We then got out of the car and continued to look in amazement as two or three more appeared (not sure of the number), and they all followed the same path.  They were equidistant from one another, moving slowly and silently. The first one got smaller and smaller, then disappeared, and the others followed suit.

  I'm guessing it lasted maybe four or five minutes until all disappeared.  I've researched and can not find any plausible explanation, and so I am sharing the experience here.

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