Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fort Smith, AR

August 012  10:00PM

I was looking through my telescope with my grandson.  From the Suthern sky a bright white object moved to the Northeast at a high rate of speed.  I was able to get it my telescope for about 10 seconds.

The light was perfectly round about the size of a disco ball with a very bright light, and no Navigation lights, just a white ball of light.  No sound at all with this object, I thought it was a star but the object moved across the sky from South to Northeast out of view in a 1 minute or longer, not a meteor this slow and no trailing light.   It took a good minute or so to cross the full sky.  Most high altitude jets take two or three minutes to move overhead and out of view.  I checked Satellite and ISS tracking and none of them have an orbit path from South to a Northeast.

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