Thursday, September 13, 2012

Farmington, NY

August 03,  2012  1:00AM

My sister was lying in her tent looking out of the screen tent window above her.  Her and her husband were laying down talking and she saw a light that was so bright it touched the side of the roof.  It made things white because it was so bright.  A long vibrating sound protruded as it rose up and the lights flashed brightly.  The birds sleeping in the trees were spooked and flew away from the noise and the lights.

Meanwhile, as they were lying in the tent outside I was inside the house in the living room closest to where there tent was outside and I was on the phone.  I quickly saw a white flash of light around 1:15 - 1:30AM, and heard no noise, but I thought nothing of it until I spoke with my sister in the morning.

We live near a state troopers barracks and they do have helicopters, but we heard no blades churning or the usual noise of a helicopter, unless they had a stealth helicopter, perhaps?

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