Monday, September 10, 2012

East Palestine, OH

July 24,  2012  11:40PM

I was just heading to bed, which currently is positioned by my bedroom widow, when I layed down and realized that there was an unusual glow in the sky that was very low.  I knew it was not a plane because it had a constant amber colored glow to it that did not blink.  It was moving at a constant pace, not fast but not slow, it was sort of a curious type of movement.  It was shaped like an egg, and was very dark, as it was 11:40pm.  It gradually seemed to pick up speed and with the blink of an eye, the strange looking craft disappeared completely.  I looked hard to try to see if I could find it again, but there was nothing.  It was just very strange how it was so low in the sky and so visible, and then it suddenly dissapeared.  I know what I saw was a UFO.

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