Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Boca Raton, FL

August 05,  2012  11:00PM

The past week I have noticed a stationary white light with red flashing lights to the West.  Every night the same lights.  Sometimes higher sometimes lower.  Tonight, my friend was over and I pointed it out to her.  As we were looking at it, another one appeared moving slowly around it for about 20 min. before it descended down somewhere to the west.  20 min. later another one appeared further away.  There is no way this is a star, planet or plane.  It was too slow moving to be a plane (a plane actually did fly by at one point and was over us and gone within minutes). This just sort of hovers, then moves, then hovers.  And way too big to be a helicopter.  Not to mention the original stationary one moved positions over the last hour.  Also I no not know if this has any relevance, but there was a second plane the flew REALLY low over us (( thought it was going to crash in my yard). 

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