Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bedford, VA

September 01,  2012  9:00PM

Last night at 9:00pm, me and my family came from Wal-Mart as we were heading up the highway we seen a dark orange round object/light in the sky, like the glowing and color of flames on coal when it is about to burn out, we slowed down to get a better look at it, so did other vehicles around us, we looked at it for about 4 minutes it was over an area with houses, the object was not moving and it did not have any sound, it did not do anything, the distance from the ground was about the distance of a low flying plane, then we decided to go up the highway to take the exit back to the road to get to the right side of the road to get a better view so were the other vehicles in front and behind up doing the same thing but when we got back to the spot where it was, gone this took about 1 minute to 2 minutes to get back to the spot we did not get to see what direction it was going so we decided to leave the area and go home when we got half way their maybe 7 minutes from the time we left the other area, we saw the object/light again but it was at a much further distance it did not look like it was moving, as I was driving it was getting harder to see because of the mountains and trees in the way eventually we could not see it anymore so we proceeded to go home.

 It seems strange to me because I have never seen anything like this, it did not move nor had sound, but eventually it did move to another spot, but within 7 minute time frame to another spot that we seen it at, it could have went to another area before we saw  it again,  it is odd that it seems like it has a stop and go pattern like it may be looking or waiting for something,

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