Thursday, September 13, 2012

Barrie (Canada), ON

August 03,  2012  9:00PM

There were two UFO's in total.  Both UFO's were just like an orange ball of fire with rippling lames and only the first one seemed to have a smoke trail, as if it was really burning and hot.  They had about the average altitude of an airplane however it was moving pretty slow; meaning this was not a comet we have seen those before.  The second one was seen travelling the same approximate path, altitude and speed a few minutes after the first UFO was out of sight.  They were moving from East to North West in direction.

Bothe of UFO's would turn off; meaning they went completely out no lights at all.  Then they would turn back on.  They made no sound at all and were very, very bright.

After the second UFO was out of sight an airplane was coming from what seemed to be the exact same location as the UFO;s did and continued along the same path as the UFO;s did however the airplane did fly  in a more Northern direction as apposed to a North West direction after a couple of minutes.

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