Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rochester, MN

August 05,  2012  11:00PM

I was out side in my backyard at around 11pm, with my friends.  It was a beautiful night.  You could see thousands of stars outside.  But as we starred at the sky we saw a red light that did not move for about 20 minutes, so we thought it was just a star.

We went on with our business.  20 minutes later when I look up in the sky that blinking light was moving right across the sky.  It was not a plain cause we did not here any jet sounds plus it was moving too fast to be a any plane, and moved so quickly and smooth to be a plane.  We were trying to not blink because we thought it would disappear.

It looked to us that it was a star instead of a light going about 3,000 miles.  But as we looked the lights starts to fade.  Like latterly fades as we are starring at it.  It took about 5 seconds to disappear.

I wanna tell everyone this after I saw that, I was no longer a E.T. critic.  I know what I saw, and I know that there is something up there and they have/are visiting. us.

Houston, TX

August 05,  2012  10:23PM

It was near downtown around 22:23, on August 5, 2012, I looked out my window and saw 3 red glowing objects going up in a diagonal line.  I then went outside to investigate.  I called my husband and son outside to witness what I was seeing.  My neighbor then came outside and asked what were those objects in the sky.

We pulled out our phones and began recording.  The first 3 objects by that time had formed a line straight up, then one went to the right and they disappeared.  Followed by them were more objects coming up the same direction.  At first we thought they were flares, but they did not burn like flares.  They illuminated. Three were now in the sky formed a line like the previous 3, but then formed a triangle and disappeared.  Three more did the same and they were gone.

I've been searching the news and the web to see if anything has been reported but have not found anything.  So I thought I'd report it here.

Goderich, ON

August 05,  2012  10:00PM

I searched this site to see if anyone reported a UFO sighting near Goderich on August 5th, 2012. I came across the post from someone in London identifying very much what we saw.

Our sighting took place August 5th, 2012 near Goderich.  We were at a cottage and at about roughly 10p.m. the four of us, sitting in the backyard, saw 2 floating orange/yellowish tear drop shape globes.

To me they looked light bulbs shapes. The colours seemed somewhat translucent and they did not appear to be traveling on any specific trajectory.  They seemed to bob and weave as they passed over us.  There was no sound coming nor trail of emission's emanating from them.

The whole sighting was about 10-15 seconds.  We were all very clear that there seemed no logical scientific explanation of what those lights might be, none of us had ever seen anything like it before.  It was quite strange and beautiful.

Fort Smith, AR

August 012  10:00PM

I was looking through my telescope with my grandson.  From the Suthern sky a bright white object moved to the Northeast at a high rate of speed.  I was able to get it my telescope for about 10 seconds.

The light was perfectly round about the size of a disco ball with a very bright light, and no Navigation lights, just a white ball of light.  No sound at all with this object, I thought it was a star but the object moved across the sky from South to Northeast out of view in a 1 minute or longer, not a meteor this slow and no trailing light.   It took a good minute or so to cross the full sky.  Most high altitude jets take two or three minutes to move overhead and out of view.  I checked Satellite and ISS tracking and none of them have an orbit path from South to a Northeast.

Newark, DE

August 05,  2012  7:50PM

I am the same guy that reported the sighting on August the 2nd after leaving the Glasgow Park.  This time I was on the deck of my backyard during the brewing of the late afternoon thunderstorms that were quickly comeing Northern Delaware.

I was sitting on m deck watching the clouds swirl as thee appeared to be one frontal system coming from a Southeastern direction.  As I stand on my deck watching the clouds movie with grace and speed, I noticed in the distance at what appeared to be a great altitude, maybe that of what you would typically see inbound and outbound flights appear at, but just under he main cloud layer that was forming.

They were a silvery white colored and my initial thought in trying to recognize what these 2 objects were is that it may have been 2 seagulls flashing their white underbelly's as the sun shines a reflection from it to my direction.  However, what happened next lead me to believe these were not birds or traditionally inbound, outbound passenger airliner's they disappeared as if they were cloaking for 2 seconds and then they reappeared in the next breath to only disappear for good after a few more seconds ( another 2 to 3 ).  They were flying in the general direction that the storm system was heading, a Northeastern direction (they were flying in what appeared from my parallax as a straight pattern toward a northeast direction.

Maybe due to the sunlight's distortion or other exogenous factor's, the crafts appeared to be silver at first but then they appeared to be more of a pure white color.  I did not see any flashing lights, just merely the objects themselves.  And as for the shape of the craft they were a spherical or circular fit.  I did not see any visible wings, but that does not mean there weren't any because from my vantage point, I was quite far.

Boca Raton, FL

August 05,  2012  11:00PM

The past week I have noticed a stationary white light with red flashing lights to the West.  Every night the same lights.  Sometimes higher sometimes lower.  Tonight, my friend was over and I pointed it out to her.  As we were looking at it, another one appeared moving slowly around it for about 20 min. before it descended down somewhere to the west.  20 min. later another one appeared further away.  There is no way this is a star, planet or plane.  It was too slow moving to be a plane (a plane actually did fly by at one point and was over us and gone within minutes). This just sort of hovers, then moves, then hovers.  And way too big to be a helicopter.  Not to mention the original stationary one moved positions over the last hour.  Also I no not know if this has any relevance, but there was a second plane the flew REALLY low over us (( thought it was going to crash in my yard). 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wilson, NC

Auguest 05,  2012  1:00AM

I have never reported anything I've seen until now and it is hard to believe but I had to report this.  It has happened 2 times before and I never said anything.  There is a set of lights that stay in a standard spot but moves around a little each night I see it.  The smaller crafts move around a lot and move in several directions but always comes back to the standard one.

The smaller crafts move around low to the ground compared to normal plains and there is not any sound at all which is weird.  Also, they seem to stop from time to time and lower down some, then take back off up and in another direction.  The slow down and stop for several minutes before moving on again.  I have seen up to 8 in one night.  At first they look like stars but they move a little then they get closer and you start to see the lights.  They are very small crafts and have a white light on each side that is white and turns red.  Sometimes they flash.  The middle has a small white light and a red one.  Like I said there is not any sound and they move super fast some times but normally very slow and low to the ground but I put a light on it and it was gone in seconds.  It was almost effortless for it.  They go in one direction til it's out of site then comes back about 20 minutes later and meets the standard craft.  From there they go into another direction and returns.  They do a odd thing sometimes, they line up with a star and just set there until another comes up and they fly off again.

I have seen this two times before but they did not stay in the area this long.  It's been several hours and they keep returning to the standard craft.  I thought the large craft was a star for most of the night until I noticed it was moving around more.  The small crafts can set still for long amount's of time and when they lower down you can not hear any sound at all.

Friday, September 14, 2012

New Rochelle, NY

Auguest 04,  2012  9:35PM

I was just leaving my aunts house with my aunts house with my mom.  I usually look up at the sky because I love to see the stars.  Then I looked up to my left and saw 3 bright orange color lights in the sky not to very far, probably close to the High School.

My mom and I wee wondering what were they. They were not making any noise, and stayed in one spot for a while in a triangle formation. My mom thought they were Planes but I know planes do not stay in one spot in the sky.

Then each one started to fade like lights dimming down, after they disappeared they re-appeared farther away and in more numbers, to what I counted up to a least 8 of them.  They all shined bright orange and all together in the same area together, kind of in random positions and moved around slowly and smoothly.  They all started to disappear after 1 minute or 2 fading away and left only one.

Then it disappeared and appeared as 3 farther away, they formed a triangle again.  It just kept  repeating,  disappear and re-appear act but this time just with 3.  It was going in the direction of Northwest I believe.  The last that I saw them was just 2,  staying in the sky next to each other probably 50-70 feet away from each other, I am really unsure.  I really can not tell how high in the sky they were, probably a few hundreds of feet off the floor.  The sky was dark mostly clear but few clouds.  The moon was very beautiful, big and bright orange/yellow oval shaped, my little cousin described it as an egg.

Wahington, PA

September 04,  2012  9:20PM

I was driving and was at a stop sign, and at 9:20pm at dusk looked to the north at a 45 degree angle and saw four red lights a little bigger then stars in a square pattern over a hill.  They were about two hundred feet away from each other and were at the elevation of small planes.

I watched for about 30 seconds as the lights stayed in the same place until each one slowly started disappearing.

I started driving up the hill and right before the last one disappeared I saw in the distance another one shot up from ground to the same height as the other ones and started heading north. While at the tip of the hill watching it a small propeller plane was flying west heading towards it.

Within about hundred feet of the red light the plane made a sharp 180 degree turn and started heading in the opposite direction to the east.  I then watched the red ball of light go out of sight into the distance.

Since I star gaze almost every night and never seeing anything like! this, they could have not of been flares due to the four staying in the same place and the other one was moving.

Warrington, PA

Auguest 04,  2012  9:05PM

I was walking down  my driveway to my vehicle when I noticed a reddish yellow pulsating "fireball" moving East to West across the night sky.  I was looking north from near the intersection of Rt. 132 and Rt. 611 in Warrington PA.  My first thought was it's an odd looking airplane or helicopter.  Though, after another look I spotted a second "fireball" moving with the first at the same steady speed just at a lower altitude.  About 10 second later a third "fireball" came into view trailing behind the first two.  All three "fireballs" were traveling perfectly level at the same rate of speed.  I would estimate their altitude at no greater than 500 feet and their distance from me at a 1/4 mile.  The second "fireball" seemed to fade after 15 seconds of viewing as the other two kept traveling out of my view due to obstructions.  There was absolutely no sound associated with these objects.  Because of their straight flight path, speed and formation I would have to rule out any type of RC toy, fireworks or balloons.

Growing up in an area minutes away from Willow Grove NAS and Johnsville NADC I'm used to seeing all types of air traffic around my house.  I've witnessed everything from a B-2 Stealth to a harrier Jump Jet around my local skies but nothing like this.

Lewis Center, OH

August 04,  2012  9:00PM

I was walking my dogs and it dusk in Lewis Center Ohio not too far South of the Alum Creek Dan.  I was with my husband who also saw the unusual craft.

We saw 3 red lighted craft that had a slow blink to them, which was unusual because most aircraft usually have a faster blink.  The 3 were heading North East and then a 4th joined them coming up form the South.  They were low in the sky ( a typical helicopter level that  you might expect on a news chopper or police chopper) but they made no sound.  At first I thought they were helicopter but as they got closer I expected to hear sound and it never came.  Then when they were above me they headed east and a 4th joined them.  When they turned east their lights faded and disappeared and I could not see them.  The crafts I could not see only the lights.  It was not totally dark outside, and I took video on my phone but I could not catch them on video.

Pawtucker, RI

August 04,  2012  9:10PM

Red/Orange light - Non flashing just a constant Bright Light Flying across the sky weaving in and out, slowing down & speeding up unlike anything I have ever seen.  Light was bright it was really difficult to see the shape too well.  But it was quiet, fast and moved left and right randomly at quick speed until it disappeared.

Riebeek Kasteel, South Africa

August 04,  2012  8:30PM

Yesterday evening Saturday 4th of August at 8:30pm, I went outside for my traditionally evening stargazing and suddenly, I could not believe my eyes, I saw a large red oval object with a  bottom yellow sparkling bright stars flying at high speed through the sky.  It came from the west flying at high speed and coming a little down, like their knowing what they were doing.  Realising that they must have know that I was stargazing because they stopped and I had a feeling they were watching me.

The moment I saw the object, it was a large oval red object and at the bottom sparkling yellow lights (bigger then the stars).  Above the lights was an orange mist.  The object flew with high speed and I think it must have noticed me and it slowed down and turned around a little bit and it took a position and stood there still, watching.

Looking at an object in the sky, I called my daughter to come outside and that moment the object was looking for a place to stop.  It made a circle movement and it seems like they knew we were watching because it came to hold and stood still.  My daughter (6) mentioned that we are all children of God.

I started to get frightened and walked inside the house but I hesitated I went outside again and the object was gone, nowhere to be seen, an amazing experience but my heart is still beating like a drum!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hillsville, VA

August 04,  2012  1:00PM

My husband, my oldest daughter and myself were on our deck stargazing.  We saw strange lights in the sky that appeared to be moving at a very fast speed.  One of them came over the horizon and came to a dead stop for about 3 minutes.  Another object from the north had been moving very rapidly and then stopped and turned around and moved the opposite way.  Planes do not come to a dead stop.  We saw at least 6 or more of these strange object that night.

 All the observer's are in the medical field and have never seen anything like this before.  Also a plane was moving over head and another object moved to the plane at a very fast rate and started hovering over the plane, then quickly jumped below it.

Hampton, NH

August 04,  2012  10PM

While driving along the North Beach in Hampton, NH, I was bewildered to see 3 round red orange lights in the sky over the shoreline. 

Do I see 3 red lights in the sky? I asked my companion, and he said yes, you do.  We pulled into a parking space and watched for a minute as they moved Southwesterly across the sky, in a row.  We then got out of the car and continued to look in amazement as two or three more appeared (not sure of the number), and they all followed the same path.  They were equidistant from one another, moving slowly and silently. The first one got smaller and smaller, then disappeared, and the others followed suit.

  I'm guessing it lasted maybe four or five minutes until all disappeared.  I've researched and can not find any plausible explanation, and so I am sharing the experience here.

Mathews, LA

August 04,  2012  2:00AM

During my night shift for several nights since, I have seen orb-light objects hovering slowly, some dimming out, sometimes flaring as bright as streetlight's, glowing mostly white, sometimes orange. 

These lights that I have seen all seem to disappear when nearby planes or helicopters pass the area, and the lights flare back up, sort of like these lights are in hiding.  It is awesome to see.  A few times I have noticed these orbs flare brightly and change colors from whit to red, blue, yellow, sometimes they look like fire.

From my vantage point along Highway 308 in Mathew, South of Highway 90 and Gheens road, looking North, it seems that these UFOs that I have been seeing are coming from the woods/marsh area that lies towards the vast area of sugarcane fields North of Gheens road, but South of Highway 90.

This all happens at night, usually starting around 10pm, till 4:00am,  I can not wait to go back to work in two nights to see them again!!

Issaquah, WA

August 03,  2012  11:04PM

I was standing in the courtyard of my apartment complex looking toward the South, when I noticed a white light traveling slowly in an uneven semi-circular path from about the area of constellation Cygnus toward the North-West.  The object dimmed and then glowed a brighter orange for a few seconds.  Tiny particles were coming off of it for another few seconds, then it changed back to white and faded away.  Time interval was 1 minute.  Did not travel in a regular orbit. NO SOUND WHATEVER!!

New Bern, NC

August 03,  2012  10:30PM

I was sitting on the back stairs talking on the phone, when I saw a bright flash of light.  I looked up, and saw a bright, yellow/orange ball of light in the sky that has not been there previously. As I sat and watched this, it started going in a slow circle, then flew off at a speed no aircraft could match.

I was the only witness as far as I know.  There was no sound made by the object, the color remained solid and unchanging.  It was large in size, bigger than a plane, if I had to guess is say it was several hundred yards in diameter.

I was not intoxicated or under the influence of any substance.  I am familiar 2 with meteors, couple space craft and aircraft, this was 100% none of those.

Seattle, WA

August 3,  2012  9:30PM

I saw an unidentified flying object over West Seattle Friday, August 3rd, 2012.  It was a bright white light, with a hint of blue.  It appeared for 2 -3 seconds, made a circular motion, and then just disappeared.  I told my friend what I had seen, and when I turned to see if I would spot it again it appeared behind a tree and disappeared after 1 second.  There was no alcohol or drugs involved, neither of us have a history of delusions.

San Diego, CA

August 03,  2012  9:10PM

It was Friday night August 3rd at 9:10pm.  I along with four other friends in a car were driving along the 5 south exit and Pershing in San Diego California when we saw a bunch of cars pulled to the side of the road.

Seeing the cars pulled to the side we decided to pull off to the side as well and when we got out of the car we noticed about 40 -50 people standing around looking at the sky.  Looking up we could see approximately 20 that my friend next to me pointed out of what looked to be orb type objects in the sky.  This was in the area where the planes fly for Lindburgh field the airport, as we heard a big airplane fly thru.  They made a formation and looked to be hovering in groups as they were really close to each other, than a couple minutes later they were gone.

Barrie (Canada), ON

August 03,  2012  9:00PM

There were two UFO's in total.  Both UFO's were just like an orange ball of fire with rippling lames and only the first one seemed to have a smoke trail, as if it was really burning and hot.  They had about the average altitude of an airplane however it was moving pretty slow; meaning this was not a comet we have seen those before.  The second one was seen travelling the same approximate path, altitude and speed a few minutes after the first UFO was out of sight.  They were moving from East to North West in direction.

Bothe of UFO's would turn off; meaning they went completely out no lights at all.  Then they would turn back on.  They made no sound at all and were very, very bright.

After the second UFO was out of sight an airplane was coming from what seemed to be the exact same location as the UFO;s did and continued along the same path as the UFO;s did however the airplane did fly  in a more Northern direction as apposed to a North West direction after a couple of minutes.

Lundreck (Canada), AB

August 03,  2012  4:00AM

At about 4 AM, I let the dog out, and looked at the sky,  it was a clear night, lots of stars.  I noticed a large globe havering in the sky, it has lights all over it I thought that was not a star it was too large and too close, there was no very clear bright one and 3 others smaller, except for another that was a little larger than the rest.  I was very tired my husband was sleeping so I just went back to bed.

I am a senior citizen, I am healthy no issues, wear glasses, for driving and reading but I still have good vision without them.

West Wyalong, Australia

August 03,  2012  2:40AM

Has anyone experienced or know of yellow/green folding triangular three dimensional type shapes that spark off blue/white electrical looking fields?  Felt like I was being asked to accept something.  Seemed to be only 50 or so feet up but could be wrong, had no reference.  Triangles seemed to be compacting but object did not get smaller!  I was not under any influence.

Farmington, NY

August 03,  2012  1:00AM

My sister was lying in her tent looking out of the screen tent window above her.  Her and her husband were laying down talking and she saw a light that was so bright it touched the side of the roof.  It made things white because it was so bright.  A long vibrating sound protruded as it rose up and the lights flashed brightly.  The birds sleeping in the trees were spooked and flew away from the noise and the lights.

Meanwhile, as they were lying in the tent outside I was inside the house in the living room closest to where there tent was outside and I was on the phone.  I quickly saw a white flash of light around 1:15 - 1:30AM, and heard no noise, but I thought nothing of it until I spoke with my sister in the morning.

We live near a state troopers barracks and they do have helicopters, but we heard no blades churning or the usual noise of a helicopter, unless they had a stealth helicopter, perhaps?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kennewick, WA

August 02,  2012  9:35PM

I watched what seemed to be three triangle shaped aircraft.  We thought was one or two at first but as they came closer we seemed to see three in a row formation similar to a military formation but silent and slow sometimes one or all would bobble and wove around but tight formation always. They all had red and white lights the white seemed to get real bright at times.  They were going slow and completely silent.  They seemed to be fairly close to the earth I was just adjacent from them on Canal drive Kennewick WA.  I was over and beneath about 35 degree angle.  Aircraft was traveling westward up the Columbia River.  I was traveling eastward.  I stopped the car and turned the car engine off.  I had one adult and one 4 year old child and myself.  We watched for approx 5 - 10 minutes.  As I drove away the adult in my vehicle said "they went up and left".

Garland, TX

August 02,  2012  9:00PM

I was driving home from work coming southbound on Arapaho Rd. to the intersection of Beltline Rd.  I made a left headed East and once I past Brand Rd., to my left there was a bright light that came out of nowhere.  I lit up the sky in a blue, white light and it had a haze around it.  I thought it was a flare or left over firework but it went down and then came up and I saw a small tail behind it.  I was waiting on a sonic boom or engine or rotor sound as it past over my car but there was no sound.  It flew over my car and headed in a southeast direction.  I looked behind me an did not see it again.

Chicago, IL

August 02,  2012  3:00PM

I was driving south on Pulaski Rd. @ Avondale Ave., which is just past the Kennedy Xway, and I happen to look up because weather reports were for rain.  The sky background was not cloudy by grayish and dark as though an artist was painting a background in one fell swoop.  In FRONT of the background was a Silver (shiny and bright) ship looking like a BLIMP, more than a cigar shape.  I thought it strange because I did look for wings and there were none.  It appeared to be facing east.

I looked away at the traffic in front of me and the looked back at the sky and no more blimp!  I looked at the sky as much as I could from the driver's seat of a car and could not see any blimp.  I did see a regular passenger plane flying west towards O"Hare about 3 to 4 seconds after seeing the blimp. 

I pondered what I saw later and surmised that it did not appear that the blimp was moving at all or hardly at all.  The entire episode lasted less then 4 or 5 minutes.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Los Angeles, CA

September 02,  2012  4:45AM

I was out looking at Venus around 4:30am, smoking a cigarette and saw a thin streak bright white light fall at a downward trajectory and then vanish.  It lasted less than a second.

It definitely wasn't a meteor and did not have any orange trails.  There were no sparks.  It looked like if you took a section of a piece of shoelace and cut it so it was about 6 inches long, inflated it so it was rounded, but still flat and the shoestring slowed a bright white to almost bluish light saber glow.

The shoe string was huge though.  Miles long and was miles above the ground.  It flew directly over head and fell downward, then disappeared all at once.  Not like it fell past the horizon, or anything like that.

So if there's anyone else who saw it also, or anyone who might know what it was, please post here.

Lake Havasu City, AZ

September 02,  2012  3:30AM

As I woke up to get a drink of water at approximately 3:30am, I noticed my dog was staring out the window and growling.  I stepped outside to investigate and what I witnessed was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

About 10 miles south of Lake Havasu City AZ, I saw a very large UFO about the size of a city or maybe bigger, it was gigantic.  The saucer shaped object appeared to be a silver or chrome plated color glistening in the moonlight. 

The object was hovering motionless in the air with seven or eight very bright flickering white lights attached in a circle around it.  Relative to a star, each light appeared to be about the size of the moon however the lights were not in space.  The UFO also had a plasma like coating around it and was completely silent.  This event only lasted a duration of about thirty seconds or so.

The craft was so advanced in technology, it was like seeing something out of sci-fi movie.  I believe it may have camouflage capabilities and other unknown abilities.  Whatever this was that I witnessed, I believe it is either from the future or a spaceship not from planet earth.

Penn, ND

September 02,  2012  12:00AM

I have been around air bases my whole life because my parents are in the Air Force.  I live out in a very rural area where only about 5 other families live.

My sister and I went outside in the evening because we wanted to get some fresh air.  I was looking up and around at the stars and we were both observing the full moon and the Big Dipper constellation.  I saw something to the side of it that, at first, thought it was a planet and asked my sister to look.  I thought it was a little odd because I do not remember anything being there any previous nights.

Suddenly, it flashed into a bright white color then back to orange.  Other than that flash, it did not blink.

Immediately after that, it flew extremely fast horizontally (and was completely silent), then turned, made a sharp 90 degree angle and took off at an extreme speed into the west (while changing back to white as it sped off);   Heading in the direction of the city of Minot.

Modesto, CA

September 02,  2012  12:00AM

My fiance and I went out to have a smoke around 12:20am, on August 2nd of 2012, and just as I walked outside I looked up into the sky.  I spotted this weird thing, and quickly pointed it out to my fiance because I thought my eyes were playing tricks.  But no, he saw it too.  It was this, almost orb of fire hovering across the sky.

My fiance almost thought it looked like someone had shot a flare up into the sky, but it just flew in a straight line, not trail behind it.  It was going about as fast as a plane does when you see them in the sky, but it was a lot closer than a plane.  Almost maybe as high up as a 80 story building.  I am just guesstimating here,  But it was moving at a decent speed, but slow enough to follow for a few minutes.

Both me and my fiance caught it on our camera phones.  My camera was not to good on the quality, but I am still going to try and upload it somewhere.  The orb was like  fire color, a little orange, some red, and little white at the edge.  The camera did not pick it up the way though.  We followed it for as long as possible, which about a few minutes, before the flame look went away and all we were able to see was a dark grey disk fade behind the tree's.  There was no sound to the strange thing, not like a plane would give  off, no crash sound later on from like a meteor, not tail on the thing trailing behind it, just a fiery orb floating across the sky.

I had posted the story on my Face book, onto my paranormal web sit, to see if anyone could help to identify it.  And then someone sent me a link to this site.  I noticed some other were having similar experiences as us.  All I know is when the craft disappeared, I had the strangest gut feeling that we were not meant to witness that.

Hampton, TN

September 01,  2012  11:00PM

I was driving home talking to my wife on the phone and I saw a orange light in the sky that was small and dim I thought it was Mars or another planet.  I was only 2 miles from home when I saw it so I told my wife to go outside to look at it, but then it looked like it swelled instantly to 10 times the size it was and was a lot brighter, my wife witnessed this also.

I then pulled over to get a better look when I did I noticed a commercial jet flying close to the object, when the jet passed under it the object began to move with the jet but at much greater altitude (appox. 1000,000 feet), it had been stationary until then.  As they both passed over head I noticed that the object had a blue glow on the bottom of it and rest was glowing right orange.  It was almost as if it was wanting to make no radar signal.

After they passed by me the jet kept moving normal, but the UFO took off at an incredible speed faster than any stealth fighter I have ever seen,! then it was gone, as if it disappeared.

Greer, SC

September 01,  2012 

On August 1, 2012 at approximately 9:50 pm, ET I walked outside to get something out the car and noticed a very bright red light coming from a west/ sw direction (back towards batesville rd) moving in a north/nw direction.  At first I thought it was a helicopter or plane as we see them frequently near the GSP International Airport.  However, after a few seconds I ruled that out because it made not sound and was not flashing/strobing it was a single red bright light, no green or white secondary lights.

I watched the first one go past my location and then suddenly go out.  It was 30 sec to 45 sec from the time I first saw it in the distance until it went out.  It moved in a regular straight line, at a constant speed, appearing to climb in altitude.

Almost immediately after the first one disappeared , I noticed a second light in the exact same location west/sw and following the same path as the first.  I ran inside and got my wife to come out to see the light.  It had moved on past our location and then went out at approximately the same point as the first.  This happened 3 more times for a total of 5 over about 5 minutes.  The altitude appeared to be about the same level as I usually see local news helicopters.

I was able to grab a set of binoculars in time to look at the last occurrence.  The light appeared as a solid sphere.  I would have to compare it to seeing a red traffic light several hundred yards away on a dark night 

It was a mostly clear night and the moon was shining very bright.

Bedford, VA

September 01,  2012  9:00PM

Last night at 9:00pm, me and my family came from Wal-Mart as we were heading up the highway we seen a dark orange round object/light in the sky, like the glowing and color of flames on coal when it is about to burn out, we slowed down to get a better look at it, so did other vehicles around us, we looked at it for about 4 minutes it was over an area with houses, the object was not moving and it did not have any sound, it did not do anything, the distance from the ground was about the distance of a low flying plane, then we decided to go up the highway to take the exit back to the road to get to the right side of the road to get a better view so were the other vehicles in front and behind up doing the same thing but when we got back to the spot where it was, gone this took about 1 minute to 2 minutes to get back to the spot we did not get to see what direction it was going so we decided to leave the area and go home when we got half way their maybe 7 minutes from the time we left the other area, we saw the object/light again but it was at a much further distance it did not look like it was moving, as I was driving it was getting harder to see because of the mountains and trees in the way eventually we could not see it anymore so we proceeded to go home.

 It seems strange to me because I have never seen anything like this, it did not move nor had sound, but eventually it did move to another spot, but within 7 minute time frame to another spot that we seen it at, it could have went to another area before we saw  it again,  it is odd that it seems like it has a stop and go pattern like it may be looking or waiting for something,

Sacramento, CA

September 01,  2012  8:30PM

A bright blue light was moving vertically up and down, occasionally switching to white with no pattern at all.  It moved up and down repeatedly at a very quick speed again with no particular pattern or timing.  It began to flash blue and white lights down while still being lit up and moving up and down.

Then it turned blue once more and went all the way down until it was no longer visible and did not come back up again.  The whole thing lasted about 4 minutes.

Twin Falls, ID

September  01,  2012  12:45AM

My cousin and I were standing in my backyard at approximately 12:45am.  In all aspects the sky appeared to be clear, no clouds.  We were standing there talking when all of a sudden she said"look what is that?" when I looked up and this is what I saw,  two perfectly red round lights vertically gliding directly towards us on a straight path east to west only about 30 feet high in the sky.  This is truly bizarre, they were silently passing overhead, absolutely no sound in a weird mist, cloud like fog. 

They traveled together side by side, then separated apart from one another, then criss crossed each other as they past directly over our heads.  So strange if anyone reading this has had a similar experience please, please post it.  Once again it was absolutely silent and passed over our heads in a strange misty fog cloud circular red glowing lights the size of a small car.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Elkins, AR

July 26,  2012  12:14AM

I saw one saucer with red and orange lights zig zagging from side to side, slowly moving under the Big Dipper and across the treeline from my house.  Then, I saw another saucer-like shape with red and orange lights zig zagging up and down over the treeline across from my house.  Then I went to our back door and saw the two shapes meet up with two more saucer like shapes with red and orange lights.  Then, there was a burst of light and two of the shapes were gone.  I am assuming that there was another burst of light and they had left because after that I left the porch and I have not seen them.

Fairless Hills, PA

July 25,  1012  3:56AM

I was up watching TV when there was a bright light in my backyard.  I got out of bed and looked out of my window.  There was a large circular object about 15 feet long by 8 feet high.  As soon as I looked out the window I saw it.  The object let out a white beam with streaks of light.  This object then lifted into the sky.  It was havering about 1000 feet up then it flew away about a mile or two and was seen hovering around for about 10 minutes before vanishing.  The object was yellow and white in color.

Chicago, IL

July 25,  2012  2:15AM

Was on my back porch having a smoke - was watching planes overhead and one was going from the southwest to the northeast was just under the cloud's but don't know how high in altitude all of a sudden an object, oval in shape (gray/black) came over head and in the direction of Southeast going Northwest, and over where the path of the plane was heading moving at a speed that is.  Not consistent with anything that I have ever saw!  OMG had to shake my head a couple of times, to realize what I just saw!!

Anchorage, AK

July 25,  2012  1:15AM

I saw what looked like a circle of black mass sitting in the sky, I looked at this mass for about a whole 3-5 minutes than I put my feet on the floor to get a closer look out my bedroom window and it was gone.  I thought maybe the marjuana and alcohol would have made me see it.  But to my knowledge I was sober enought to tell that the object was very well in the sky and wasn't just a cloud.  I saw this event over by the coastal trail on the same side as the anchorage port.  So, not facing fire island but over on the right side.

East Palestine, OH

July 24,  2012  11:40PM

I was just heading to bed, which currently is positioned by my bedroom widow, when I layed down and realized that there was an unusual glow in the sky that was very low.  I knew it was not a plane because it had a constant amber colored glow to it that did not blink.  It was moving at a constant pace, not fast but not slow, it was sort of a curious type of movement.  It was shaped like an egg, and was very dark, as it was 11:40pm.  It gradually seemed to pick up speed and with the blink of an eye, the strange looking craft disappeared completely.  I looked hard to try to see if I could find it again, but there was nothing.  It was just very strange how it was so low in the sky and so visible, and then it suddenly dissapeared.  I know what I saw was a UFO.

Staten Island, NY

July 24,  2012  10:30PM

It was at 2230hrs.  From where I was; right at the tool bridge coming into Station Island; I saw an object 30 degrees SSW.  It was glowing brighter and dimmer.  Eventually it glowed so bright it resembled the shape of a roundish triangular shape.  I saw it move downward to  my 25 degree angle.  I saw it spin and move west and it glowed brighter as it moved.  Then it just disappeared.  And then I got home and I saw it again and this time I was out of the car and I heard an echoing of wind and the next thing I saw, the light disappeared. 

I knew I could not have mistaken it for anything else.  It was extremely cloudy I could not even see the stars! Aircraft do not fly that low in the sky and their lights blink but this object did not have blinking lights.  There was not any visible sights of the moon due to the clouds.  And even if there was the moon, the moon is never that low in the sky.

 I am 110% positive that it was an UFO

Ogden, UT

July 24,  2012  10:00PM

We were sitting somewhere on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail intending to watch the firework displays.  Soon we noticed a light that wasn't flying in any particular direction.  It was zigzagging back and forth, and changing colors red, blue, and white/yellow.  I noticed when airplanes were near, it would change it's light patterns to mimic an airplane.  Eventually it ejected three small white glittery lights that fell slowl to the ground.  A few minutes later and further in the distance another one did the same thing, but we did not pay much attention to it after that.  When the original one began flying away toward the south, we decided to walk back to our cars so we could keep watching it.  It eventually flew out of view bahind some mountains.  Almost to our cars, we turned around and saw a large bright light hovering in the air.  It was getting closer and closer until an airplane flew by. The bright light then switched into blinking airplane lights and began flying away in the same direction.  It even sounded like an airplane as it flew over us, but I would make out its faint dis-shaped body, and I am convinced it was not just a helicopter or an airplane.

Torrance, CA

July 22,  2012  8:40PM

I had just arrived home after a walk and looked up at the eastern sky and immediately noticed a reddish orange spherical light.  It approached me at an altitude approximately the same as that of small aircraft, which were flying at the same time.  It's size was about twice that of a small airplane's red light.  The Torrance Airport is 2 miles north, (plus LAX is 15 miles north) and there are frequent landing/takeoffs, so I thought that it might just be another airplane.  Airplanes usually have white light in addition to red ones, so I remarked that this object only had a red light.  I did not hear any unusual noises.

This object was too bight to be a star or Mars.  It was dusk and there were not stars in the sky yet.  The light did not flash off and on.  It oscillated slightly in brightness in a pulsating fashion.  It did not twinkle like a star.  The light glowed and had a very faint circular haze around it.  It approached my position and flew roughly from east to west slowly, at about the same speed as small aircraft.  This object's trajectory indicates that it was not a flair.  I saw it fly for about 3-4 minutes and then it stopped.  It remained stationary for about 30 seconds then the the light slowly faded out I would have dismissed the light as an airplane.  I did not see any other observers near me.  This was the second UFO I have witnessed, both in the Los Angeles area.