Wednesday, August 8, 2012

West Middlesex, PA

July 9, 2012  10:50PM

The object was circular and looked yellow/reddish in color.  My hobby is astronomy and I have watched the space station(ISS) travel across the sky in west to east fashion a number of times with my family but this object was moving from south to north and was not as bright as compared to the space station.  I had a clear view the entire time of about 2 seconds and it was moving about 3 times faster then the ISS.

Living out in the country, there are not street lights or city lights to mess with ones night vision and there was no moonlight or clouds out on this particular evening.  I could tell it was very high up and I did not notice any flashing lights or sounds from the object other than to say it was circular and a yellowish red in color.  It is elevation above the horizon was about 85 deg because I was almost looking straight up to see it.

I was talking to a co-worker of mine the next day and told him what I saw.  I had just started the conversation when he asked me if it was about 10:45 to 11pm and if it was traveling south to north.  I told him he was correct and he finished telling me that he and his wife were outside on their patio and saw the same object.  He lives about 12 miles from me and I was glad that I was actually not seeing things.  I was guessing that maybe it was a meteor skimming the atmosphere because it just seemed to disappear all at once.  I did not really notice any steaks behind it such as a tail or fire coming from it so it is any one's guess as to what it was.

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