Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vacaville, CA

July 21,  2012  9:00PM

The formation was like a triangle with a tail.  There was abut 6 + objects.  I noticed them as I saw Mars to the SW, then I saw a way brighter round light orb that was orange Like Mars in the SSE sky, it's light faded them came back and then several more appeared.  Also, about an hour later I saw a faint white shooting star right whee the later event happened in the SSE sky.  It looked like it shot up (or down) from the air force base.

I also saw a red shooting star right after it, more towards the East though.  Met 3 other witnesses, me and one witness shared a similar even that happened to both of us, we both dropped an electronic device in our pools earlier that day.  I noticed more people out driving right when the lights were flying around, compared to an hour before.  Could have just been a busier street.  Very exciting!

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