Friday, August 31, 2012

Torrance, CA

July 22,  2012  8:40PM

I had just arrived home after a walk and looked up at the eastern sky and immediately noticed a reddish orange spherical light.  It approached me at an altitude approximately the same as that of small aircraft, which were flying at the same time.  It's size was about twice that of a small airplane/s red light.  The Torrance airport is 2 miles north, (plus LAX is 15 miles north) and there are frequent landings and takeoffs, so I thought that it might just be another airplane.  Airplanes usually have white lights in addition to red ones, so I remarked that this object only had a red light.  I did not hear any unusual noises.

This object was too bright to be a star or Mars.  It was dusk and there were no stars in the sky yet.  The light did not flash off and on.  It oscillated slightly in brightness in a pulsating fashion.  It did not twinkle like a star.  The light glowed and had a very faint circular haze around it.  It approached my position and flew roughly from east to west slowly, at about the same speed as small aircraft.  This object trajectory indicates that it was not a flair.  I saw it fly for about 3-4 minutes and them it stopped.  It remained stationary for about 30 seconds then the light slowly faded out and disappeared.  I did not see a structure in addition to the light. 

The most unusual part of my observation was the sudden fading out of the light.  If the light did not fade out I would have dismissed the light as an airplane.  I did not see any other observers near me.  This was the second UFO I have witnessed, both in the Los Angeles area.

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