Thursday, August 16, 2012

Toledo, OH

July 13, 2012  10:00PM

Once again seeing star like objects traveling through the sky, some going south to north, others going north to south in the same path.  We also saw two, get really bright for a moment then return back to normal star like size.  One last night changed direction two times.  Two were traveling very fast, the others slower, taking a minute to pass us.  And we also saw something pulse 4 times like a electric haze looking type of light blue-green in color, but dim, then nothing, that was a first of that king of sighting.  When viewing these in binoculars they appear to be slightly orangeish in color. 

I have checked satellite info, and these do not match up, plus some travel in the same path it seems in different directions.

Also, we have noticed an increase in planes in our are lately too, maybe just a coincidence.  It seems some are just flying back and forth a lot, these are much higher in the sky.

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