Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stonington, PA

July 11, 2012  11:30PM

On our usual nigh time walks out on a rural roads me and a friend witnessed 2 strange objects around the location of the constellation Scorplius.

The first object appeared as a very bright flashing ball-like object that was moving slowly across the sky from left to right.  As the object moved it suddenly faded out to one fifteenth of it's starting brightness and then disappeared slightly right of the constellation Scorpius.

The second object did almost the exact same thing, appearing around Scorpius, bright and pulsing, then faded out in almost the exact location of the first object.  Both objects seemed very far away from Earth, and also seemed to move very slowly.

We had very good visibility at the whole sky because there is not much in the way of lights out on the back road areas of Stoningtion.

To add even more drama to the whole event we witnessed approximately four shooting stars in the sky at the same time this event was going on and at different intervals of the event.  The whole event lasted anywhere from two to four minutes.

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