Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Seaside, OR

July 15, 2012  10:00PM

In the evening, I noticed a bright red/orange object out in the Pacific Ocean off the beach in Seaside Oregon.  I observed this from my home which is in the hills approx 3 miles east of the beach.

I mentioned to my friend that it must be a planet as it is too big & bright to be a star.  It remained stationary for a few minutes then disappeared.  About 5 min. later I looked again and there were now two of the objects.  They seemed to appear and disappear without movement.

I looked again after 5 min and saw 4 of these objects in a perfect diagonal line which stayed stationary.  I then called the police dept to see if anyone else had reported the same sighting (no one had), and they put me through to the Coast Guard who took my information.  The seemed to move at this point before disappearing.

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