Monday, August 27, 2012

Saint Paul, MN

July 21,  2012   12:40AM

I saw a bright orange roughly rectangular shaped object coming towards me and passing over in the sky from south to north at about 12:40AM, July 21, 2012.  This was something I have never seen before and could not identify, however, it looked very much like the description of an object reported to this site on June 9, 2012, which the reporter described as a bright rectangular orange light flying silently over Como Park. 

I was walking along the east side of Lake Como in the Como Park neighborhood of St. Paul, when I saw the object approaching in the sky from the south.  The object seemed to pass right over the lake south to north, not as high as an airplane would be (maybe a few hundred feet high?).  At first I thought it must be a helicopter approaching, but then I did not hear any sound (it was completely silent) and I could not discern the body or outlines of any physical object, just a patch of bright orange light with what looked like flames near the bottom.  When I saw the flames I thought that it must be a hot air balloon traveling at night.  However, as I watched it I realized that it was traveling much too fast to be a balloon.  It was a still night (no breeze) and the light traveled across the sky and out of view over the trees in about 15-20 seconds.  The rectangular patch of light was a very bright orange and seemed to partly composed of yellow/orange flames.

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