Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Portland, OR

July 9, 2012  12:30AM

I stepped out onto my backyard around 12:30AM.  The backyard faces north. To the northeast I saw a green dot or orb between two trees.  It was close to the horizon the sky was clear.  I thought it strange due to its color.

It was stationary for a bit before it moved erratically.  The movement was zig zagging up and down.  Very unlike any human made aircraft.  I thought maybe it was my contact's messing with me. 

I moved around my backyard to get different points of view but it stayed up in the sky.  I then noticed an orange light that was stationary northeast of the green light.  The orange light was dimmer then the green light.  I had a beam of light attached to the green light.  Both the orange light and beam of light faded out periodically.  Both lights were moving closer to the horizon and fading.  I assumed then that they were heading north.  I thought to call any of my friends that would be up.  My roommate works late and I called her she did not answer.  I called my friend and he was unfortunately drunk or high and did not believe me.  During my phone call to my friend my roommate came home.  I hung up on my friend.  Then I ran out front to tell her to hurry up and follow me to the backyard.  To which I wee saw the same thing I saw.  The green light continued to move erratically and fade from view.  I tried to convince my roommate to drive north to get a better view.  Unfortunately when we drove the city light obscured any pin pointing of light.

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