Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pomona, CA

July 8, 2012  9:30PM
Driving westbound on Foothill Blvd, at Town Center, I noticed people pointing at the sky and using their cell phone cameras.  Continuing east bound on Foothill Blvd, noticed multiples spheres in the sky towards the foothills at a high altitude.  Turned north bound on Town Avenue and pulled over.  Several witnessed on Town Avenue and at Chevron on Foothill cross street of town.  Lights appeared to be spherical.  In groups of 2 and 3, these lights appeared to be moving slowly from West to East.  Lights were orange/red and steady in color.  There did not appear to be a strobe effect or any aviation lights on these objects.  There was not audible sound associated with them.  They would continue on and from mu vantage point, appear to go straight up and disappear, or fade completely from sight.  Periodically, one or two would begin to move south on Town avenue and appear to correct their course, and re-join the other spheres.  This continued on for the better part of and hour.  I personally counted at least 30 of these objects.  A jet at one point did go over head at a high altitude.  Jets did not appear to be military.

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