Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oakville (Canada), ON

July 15, 2012  1:30AM

Myself, my wife and two neighbours were out chatting early in the morning.  I noticed an orange light to the northeast of us moving fairly quickly in a diagonal direction from right to left, from about 30 degrees to 60 degrees above the horizon.  It then stopped fairly abruptly and just hovered there for some time.  It then started to move slowly in a random pattern, kind of like a doodle art drawing, but not too far from a stationary position.  I used a street sign and a nearby object as a reference to see if it was just the illusion of movement or was actually moving, which it was.

While generally stationary the light grew in intensity, and was quite bright, and seemed quite big.  It was slowly pulsing/shimmering, and was kind of fuzzy at the edges, kind of like the sun's corona but not as intense as the light itself.

My neighbours work at Pearson Intl. Airport, and all four of us were quite certain it wasn't a plane, or a flare, due to its strange movement, seeming close proximity. the lack of landing lights, and no noise.  Airplanes do often track over our neighborhood, so we are very familiar as to what they look/sound like, and they tend to follow the same track.

After we studied it for a few minutes, it started to move again left to right, and then stopped again for a short time.  After stopping for a bit, it slowly diminished in intensity and winked out, but not before very briefly getting a bit brighter.

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