Thursday, August 16, 2012

North Versailles, PA

July 13, 2012  9:15PM

I was traveling eastbound on US Route 30 in North Versailles Pa. near the intersection with PA Route78.  Out of my driver-side window, I noticed in the sky above what first appeared to me as a flight of military helicopters whit their search lights on and pointing forward.  The light, however, was orange, like from a sodium vapor lamp, not white like a helicopter light, and the light appeared on top of the objects and not to their front, as a search light or a car headlight would be aimed. 

The objects that eminated this orange light appeared also to be flying in formation, possibly 1000+feet above the ground.  They were travelling in a west-southwesterly direction and crossed over US Route 30 directly above me at a speed similar to a helicopter or small lane.  There appeared to be several objects in a group, and several groups, one coming after another.  These objects wee flying in formation and their flight path was straight and unwavering.  There has to be at least several dozen objects as described herein this sighting.

I turned off my car radio and wound down my window to hear the helicopter rotors but was very surprised to hear absolutely no noise at all.  The objects were flying low enough to observe that they appeared to have an opaque base with a somewhat conical orange light located above the the base.  If not helicopters, I thought they could possible be balloons but I cannot figure out how they all would have been lighted in exactly the same manner and flying in formations.

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