Monday, August 13, 2012

North Myrtle Beach, SC

July 12, 2012  9:30PM

Large light of what appeared to be a plane.  However, once it was overhead, it was clearly a ball of fire.  It is hard to describe the size of the object.  It was obviously large.  From ground perspective, the fireball was half a centimeter.  Obviously the object was much large than that.  That is just how big it looked from my perspective.  The object traveled in a straight path.

As the fireball passed overhead, I could hear the fire it omitted.  It sounded like a blow torch.  I could not hear it very well.   However, the other witnesses said it was very loud.

Once the object was about 45 degrees above the horizon, it died out.  It still traveled in a straight path.  As it died out, the fireball left a thick trail of smoke.  Then it faded out into the horizon.

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