Thursday, August 23, 2012

Myrtle Beach, SC

July 18,  2012  4:00PM

Sitting on balcony after returning to hotel after dinner my daughter and I saw what looked to be some sort of light flash on in the sky on the eastern horizon.

I work for a major airline and know about aircraft lights and how they operate, so we joked about it and decided it was some sort of landing light from an airplane.

Then as we sat there we started seeing more of them, several coming on at once in different locations in the sky.  They appeared at first as small twinkles in many spots then flash white or orange light for approximately 10 seconds.

By this time my wife, son and two other friends had joined us on the balcony, my friend also works for the airline and he had no explanation for the strange lights.  This went on for about an hour and half.

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