Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Montreal (Canada), QC

July 21,  2012  12:14PM

Beautiful summer day, blue sky, excellent visibility.  Noticed a little aircraft, high up, thought it was a private jet.  Could not see wings but it was very high and silvery, reflecting the sunlight like a little mirror, so it did not seem unusual at the moment.  But within a few seconds I realized how fast it was going away, way faster than any aircraft I've ever seen.  My eyes fixed on it and I stopped walking.  I did not want to walk into another pedestrian or a parking meter.  It was making a gentle arc, almost a straight line, across the sky, the way height-flying passenger planes do, but I realized it was not a normal plane or jet at all.  It was oblong, no wings, and it made no vapor trail and no noise.Then it dipped it changed direction like no aircraft I have ever seen before.  I have been to air shows and I have seen F-14 and all kinds of other military craft and i tell you there is not aircraft I know  that can change direction so suddenly.  It almost stopped, dipped down, making a path like the letter U; and then sped off to the left, a completely different trajectory.

I could not believe what I was seeing.  I quickly looked around to see if anyone else noticed it, there were people sitting nearby at an outdoor cafe, but they wee all talking to each other or reading, sipping their coffee.  The flying object would soon disappear behind the building across the street, I though, so I was not going to waste time telling some strangers to look at it.  Then it flew into a wispy cloud, one ot the few in the sky, and I lost sight of it completely.  I continued on my way and kept looking for it but after passing through the cloud it must have been too far away to see what the naked eye.  As I said, it was going incredibly fast.

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