Thursday, August 2, 2012

Milano, TX

July 14, 2012  5:20AM
I was riding in the front seat as a passenger coming back from a gig in Brazoria, Texas.  We were traveling west on State Highway 36 just out of Milano.  Steve, the driver and I saw lights on a tower but as we got closer, we realized he lights wee shaped like a pentagon suspended over the road.  The center of the underside of the object had the brightest light of five.  The five other lights were located close to the end of each corner of the underside of the pentagon-shaped object.  All the light were white and pulsated about once a second.  We could see the dull black object had shape and a surface with seams or vents.  It hovered over the road silently about 30 feet in altitude as we passed underneath going 60 mph.  The object was 20 to 30 feet across.  We saw it fade in the rear view mirror as we drove father away.

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