Friday, August 17, 2012

Mantoloking, NJ

July 14, 2012  9:30PM

A series of fireball objects in the northwest sky moved from the west the east around 21:30 to 22:00.  Movement was steady and slow enough that I had time to get binoculars.  Through the binoculars I saw a glowing orange light inside a round object, but neither myself, my mom or step dad could explain what it was.  About ten minutes after the sighting of the first object, a series of three more moved across the sky in a fast succession, also from the southwest to northeast in the northwest area of the sky.  I went up on our finished roof and watched them travel to the northeast for several minutes before they disappeared.

I saw one of the exact same objects several weeks ago in the western sky moving from south to north and also had time to view it with binoculars.  A few weeks before that, my friends and I saw about 7 of these objects from different origin points while fishing the beach at night.

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