Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Linden, NJ

July 8, 2012  9:00
First saw one bright, fiery orange orb traveling from the WSW and vanishing S.  It was moving along kinda slowly at first, then it stopped and hovered in one place for about 30 seconds.  It then dropped straight down rapidly.   Again, it stopped and hovered, then it took a left and them increased greatly in speed and vanished into the sky.  Less than a minute later, another fireball followed, exactly the same as the first ( and from the same direction), however this one did not stop or make any movements.  It just followed the same path and went to the south and disappeared into the night sky like the first.  I know that the movements that first one made could Not be done by any aircraft I am away of.  I also live close to a major US airport, so I know what their lights look like.  These were BRIGHT orange orbs that almost looked like debris falling out of orbit.  However, space junk doesn't stop and hover, and make movement that these did. Amazing.

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