Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Las Vegas, NV

July17, 2012  10:50PM

We saw an object due north at about 10 miles sway 60 degrees in the sky.  Start to drop towards earth at what was seen as a slow speed.  It would brighten up for about 10 seconds then the light would extinguish rapidly and not lighten up again for another 20 seconds.  It would gradually get brighter.  This lasted for about several minutes before it was at about 45 degrees in the sky when it had gotten brighter than jumped about 50 yards rapidly from a downward movement to a horizontal movement then again started moving downward.  When it reach about 25 degrees off the horizontal plane.  It lit up once more for the last time very brightly more so then before.  Then distinguished and was not seen again.  Two minutes later two jets were seen flying due west from a eastern direction.  The object looked like the size of a planet in the night sky.

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