Monday, August 20, 2012

Kenner, LA

July 14, 2012  9:55PM

My wife and I were driving west on West Esplanade Ave, in Kenner, Louisiana and turned north northwest onto Driftwood Blvd.  Straight ahead were red lights in the sky in formation.  We turned left onto Emile Ave. and could not see the lights.  We turned right onto Osborne Ave. but the lights were hidden by trees. 

I told my wife about them and we drove down the street and could see them to the north when we passed by houses without trees.  We turned right due  north and could see five red lights in the sky in a roughly triangular formation.  They did not appear to be moving.  They seemed to be suspended and motionless in the sky.  They were relatively high in the sky. 

From our vantage point, I would estimate that they were between 30 to 45 degrees up into the sky.  We assumed that they wee over Lake Potchartrain.  As we continued driving north trying to find an un obscured viewing area, the lights suddenly faded and disappeared.

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