Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jakes Run, WV

July 11, 2012  1:00AM

I was getting ready for the bed and felt an urge to go out on my back porch for some fresh air.  The sky was clear and the stars and moon were out, for some reason i was compelled to look at a certain spot of the tree line, that's where I saw the light.  At first I was sure it was a star, whitish in color.  Then it started to move up over the tree line, now I was sure it was an airplane it turned a reddish color.

To my amazement this thing what ever it is started moving in a way I have never seen anything in the sky move before.  It would make sharp turns left right up down, but would stay in my view.  It reminded me of some one playing with a yo-yo in the sky.

After watching this thing dance in the sky for five or so minutes.  I ran into the house got my phone and ran back outside.  I called and woke up my dad (he lives nearby) watched this light for a few more minutes, dad shows up but the light slowly dipped back behind the tree line.  I am sure it was still there, I just could not see it anymore.

My dad left he did not get to see it but I was so excited about what I just saw I couldn't go to sleep so I pulled up a lawn chair and watched the sky.  Around 1:30 am I thought the show was over, this object flew across the sky.  I have never seen one so bright before.  About 2:00am another bright meteor or whatever it was flew the same path but backwards. Also another strange thing, day time birds were up and making a lot of noise

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