Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Houston, TX

July 17, 2012  6:30AM

As I was getting my morning newspaper, I saw what I thought was an airplane in the sky NE of me.  Walking back to the house, I looked up and noticed the light has not moved.  I stood there approx. 5 minutes to make sure it had not moved and then I walked another few steps and observed it thur a gap in the tree foliage and it remained absolutely stationery.  It did not seem to be flashing or making any form of movement.

After watching it for another 5 minutes or so, I concluded it must be a cell phone or other tower that I had not noticed in spite of it being very high and even though I have lived here for 30 + years.

When I went out later that day, I looked in that direction but there is no such structure where I had seen the light.  I have looked in that direction several times since and there is nothing there to have caused the light.

I am a very vary normal everyday person and am puzzled and perhaps a tiny bit scared of what I may have seen.  It was not a plane as it was not moving, too large to be a star (at least 10 times bigger than the North Star) and way too high up to be a man made structure.

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