Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hollister, CA

July 14, 2012  10:05PM

I was heading home from a late night jog a block away from home.  As I crossed the street I looked to the left then to the right.  I did a double take back to the left side because the sky was bright and it caught my attention.  I then sprinted home as I kept my eyes on the sky.  There were 6 or 7 bright orange lights, they were all moving together at a right angle.  One light did a question mark shape movement from the bottom up to line up in the formation of a back slash.  To the right of those, there was a formation of a triangle.  They all were moving together at angle and disappeared into some clouds.  I waited for them to pass through the cloud and come out the other side, but they never did.  The cloud was thin and you see the lights get smaller in them.  After that I rang the doorbell to get my parents attention to see the lights, all the lights had disappeared, but my mother managed to see one new orange light that was moving slower than the others, but then soon disappeared into the same cloud.

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