Thursday, August 9, 2012

Haleiwa, HI

July 11, 2012  12:01AM

To the west, over the Pacific, off the North Shore of O'ahu, I have skylights in my bedroom, and saw six or seven brilliant shapes of fire heading slowly south in a rough formation.

I ran downstairs and outside for a better look.  They made no sound.  One object actually went "up" a little and crossed the path of another.  They did seem to fade away at a fairly high altitude before they disappeared, but they were not flares or fireworks.  There was no smoke coming from them.  They appeared to be about the distance a helicopter would fly, but it was difficult to determine.  They could have been much higher.

We do have a major military installations of all branches on the island, and I can only think it was some activity from them, but WHAT!!!  They were very bright, orange flame-like and very large.  They do not seem like something meant to "light a battlefield".

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