Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gurgaong, India

July 16, 2012  11:05PM

My husband and I were chatting on our 9th floor apartment balcony.  Suddenly I saw a round blue light flash at 80 degrees like a shooting star, but much bigger and slower and for a very short span of time 2-3 seconds.  No noise, disturbance, or heat was generated.

First I thought it was a shooting star, but from what I know we used to spot shooting stars in the months of September and October.  The strange flash of light was observed in the western skies of Gurgon City, in Haryana State India.  The aeroplane's flying at that hour did not seem to be affected and were at great distance.

I would also like to state that there is a business corridor near out house but all shut down and there were no lasers lights, which is pretty common these days in Gurgaon.

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