Monday, August 27, 2012

Greene, ME

July 20,  2012  4:00AM

There was a very bright light hovering in the distance.  The night was clear, no moon, no clouds, just stars and a light that was too bright to be a star.  It grew brighter, as if coming towards my brother and I.  The object was moving.  It disappeared after a while, but not completely.  It was almost as if the UFO turned into a cloud.  A cloud, which was glowing.

After observing said cloud for multiple minutes,  the bright grew brighter, once again.  There seemed to be a bright haze around the craft, making it difficult to describe exactly what it was my brother and I were looking at.

Also, the craft seemed to be shining a beam over the area, almost as if it was looking for something.  It was not a helicopter, for there was not noise,  And I know of no crafts which are so bright that you can not pick out exactly what they are.  The light was so great that as the craft drew closer it was almost blinding.

The same events repeated for a couple of hours.  I did not stick around to find out what happened to the craft, so I can not say how it finally vanished.  I, however, have never seen anything like it.  The craft was so bright, almost looked like a star which was too close.  However, stars do not move towards you, turn into clouds, vanish, come back and repeat.  By the time I was home, both my brother and I were shaking and could not wait to tell our mother what had taken place.

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